We do much more than just designing interiors.

Our entire team is involved in the creative process, and they are proud of what we produce. We never design for selfish reasons or without a purpose. Every aspect of what we create must add to the enjoyment or utility of a space. When we present a design to a client, each member of the team knows and understands our proposal intimately and could speak about it like it’s their own life-story.


Office Fit-Outs

Office fit-outs are the bread & butter of our operation. We handle every aspect of your office design and build process. By focusing on the usability of our designs as a priority, we ensure that your new workplace is more than just a work of art. Value engineering defines the basis of our material selections and furniture recommendations, and we take great pride in our unblemished record of on-time project completion. We won't rest until you are thrilled with your new space!


Workplace Strategy

Understanding the challenges within and between departments in your current workplace forms the basis of our innovative design solutions. We engage with your team by conducting focus groups and surveys in our process of collaborative space planning. Anticipating future changes to the makeup and functions of your business allows us to build-in flexibility where you need it most.


Retail Environments

We design complete retail experiences, including complex interior architecture, decoration, product displays, customer flow planning, employee attire/uniforms, product packaging, and marketing materials designed to attract more business and increase the value and effectiveness of your brand.


Unique Projects

We are not afraid of a challenge, and our team relishes the opportunity to flex their creative muscles. “Impossible” timeframes, extreme engineering, and unusual locations excite us! If you have a project that nobody else is willing to consider, we would be pleased to propose a solution for you!



The least glamorous aspect of relocation projects is the dreaded reinstatement process. Our Project Team has extensive experience reinstating offices in a vast range of Grade A, B, C, and Industrial buildings in Hong Kong. We will propose a complete project timeline for you as part of our Workplace Fit-Out service, ensuring that you start the process with sufficient time to move out and reinstate before the end of your office lease.

Desmond Wong, Creative Director & Co-Owner

With 30 years of experience designing and building commercial projects in the Pearl River Delta region, Desmond is prepared for just about any challenge. Together with Louisa, Desmond founded the "original" Interspace Interior in 2004. These days, Desmond continues to be involved with every project, defining the creative direction of our Design Team, pouring over detailed quotations, and driving our Project Team to achieve perfection in every build.

Louisa Chow, Commercial Director & Co-Owner

As the spirit of Interspace, Louisa leads and inspires our Marketing and Accounts Team to delight our clients with attentive and caring service. She meets each and every one of our customers, maintaining open communications and attending to their needs with precision and eloquence. Louisa brings 15 years of customer-facing design experience to Interspace, having founded the "original" Interspace Interior together with Desmond in 2004.

Sean Langston, Managing Director & Co-Owner

Having been a 4-time Interspace customer, Sean represents the ultimate client reference: he liked the company so much that he bought (part of) it! Sean is the Managing Director of Interspace, growing our influence in Hong Kong and defining our strategy for international expansion. He is also directly responsible for the Project Management Team, acting as the Project Director. Sean joined Interspace Asia as a founding partner in 2013, bringing his 13 years of intense startup experience and obsession for perfection to our team.


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