Pro-Teamwork Workplace for FinTech Expansion

World First Asia

ACE Tower, Causeway Bay

World First Asia (WF) selected Interspace to manage a major expansion and relocation project for their regional HQ in Hong Kong. This nearly 10,000 sqft office has been highly optimized to allow for a generous balance of collaborative zones while maximizing headcount expansion potential. Dramatic, unorthodox use of WF's corporate colors and style allowed our team the creative flexibility to design a highly stylized WF branded workplace befitting our client's ambitions for continued growth in Asia.

Interspace delivered a turnkey project encompassing Builder's Works, MEP design and installation, IT infrastructure, AV integration, a fully fitted pantry, and access control and security systems. 

Welcome to World First

A bold ceiling feature, custom color laminated glass logo wall, and dramatic set back entrance are the highlights for visitors to World First's office. In order to attract attention and provide for a high volume of movement, the entrance to WF's office offset from the public corridor to allow for better visibility and a grand entry foyer.

Mirrored ceiling and carpet features draw visitors in with a vanishing point perspective, interrupted by an oversized glass logo wall, custom colored in WF's corporate blue. The dynamic colors and grand reception present guests with a strong statement of corporate identity. 

As an open ceiling was selected for the general office area, the dropped ceiling feature with light troughs in black is used to highlight the reception area. This feature also helps to conceal the M&E works in the ceiling void for a cleaner visual presentation.

Cozy Alcoves

Otherwise unusable space in the core of the building (between support columns) has been cleverly used as meeting alcoves for casual conversations between staff and for interviews with potential candidates. 3 alcoves are spaced evenly throughout the office area, with sections of rolling storage filling in the remainder of the spaces. 

In order to improve the atmosphere in the alcoves, a dropped ceiling is used with narrow beam spotlights for intimacy. In order to improve acoustics, carpet is used instead of fabric panels due to its durability and unusual texture when applied on a vertical surface. Custom-made sofa seating in the World First corporate green adds another branding element to make a perfect picture.

Conference Room

A large conference room borders the reception area with a full-height double-glazed partition for acoustic privacy in this key location. The framing of the room in relation to the reception and view across Victoria Park was carfully planned to maximize the impressive visual impact. Acoustic ceiling tiles with rockwool backing and a slightly dropped ceiling feature help to reduce acoustic reflections, and a special fabric panel wall at one end of the room livens up the space while helping to control lateral echo.

Meeting Rooms

Three meeting rooms have been grouped in the front of house area for easy access when meeting visitors. The corridor design is accented with black framing for all glazed partitions, and meeting room names become a part of the color scheme thanks to their subtle cut-out labels.  

Corner Room

A corner meeting room with two-sides of glazed partition allows extra light to reach the cafe/pantry area for a better environment. Casual seating visible from the meeting room becons guests to explore the rest of this large public space in WF's office.

Huge Pantry!

A spacious pantry occupies an empty space at of the ends of ACE Tower (the top of the low-level floor elevator shaft). Copious seating options, and plenty of built in cabinets allow for catering to more than 100 staff and visitors easily. Two dishwashers and three refrigerators have been fully built in to keep this area clean and tidy. 

Open Office Area

A surprisingly cozy open office is hidden on the opposide side of the floor, with a very special design feature (using Bungee cords!) breaking up the monotony of the long floorplan. Lighting in the open office area uses LEDs exclusively, with workstation illuminated by Bi-Directional LED panels and corridors identified by a long row of COB downlights.

Awesome Coffee Station

The highlight design feature of the office is a coffee station positioned exactly in the middle of the floor plan, acting as a meeting point between functional groups in the office. This arrangement encourages informal communication between teams during the workday. 

The coffee station perimeter is defined by an Interspace Original "Bungee Screen" composed of gray and white bungee cords wrapped around curved steel bars, seemingly suspended in mid-air. Intermediate gray glass panels help keep noise within the coffee station, while the organic shapes of the Bungee Screen encourage interaction with the space. 

A long bar counter with two end-cap beverage points provides ample space for gathering and discussion groups. 2800K pendant lighting casts a warm glow on the table top, sending a visual message that this is a special space inside the office. A tidy machine area on the rear side of the Coffee Station makes efficient use of the corridor and adds a touch of color. 

Director's Rooms

Two company directors share a divisible office just opposite the Coffee Station. Blue and green furniture accents and cosy lounge seating makes for an inviting setting. Feature lighting above the Directors' workstations adds another touch of uniqueness, while tinted double-glazed partitions ensure sufficient privacy for confidential conversations.

Game On!

Fancy a ball game or two? A killer Game Room was built for staff morale at the far end of the office (intended as future expansion space). Interspace arranged for installation of two networked-play basket ball machines and a ping pong table as well as an A/V entertainment zone for movie nights. Wouldn't you like to work here?


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